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Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920's. This traditional method is a pure and simple system, however, since Reiki was introduced to the West many different forms have emerged as each Master adds something of his own to his teachings. There are now many different forms of Reiki and energy healing in the West, all forms are genuine and beautiful, however my passion is for the Traditional Japanese system of Reiki without the Western New Age influences.

The roots of the Japanese system are in ancient Shintoism and Buddhist practices and my courses & workshops center on this original Japanese system based on meditation, breathing techniques, daily Reiki practice, living by the Gokai ( the five precepts of Reiki), our connection with each other and how vibration & frequency can move the energy.

Your natural healing ability is already within you. Learning Reiki, or receiving a Reiki treatment, helps you to unlock your innate healing ability and connect deeply with yourself so holistic healing of the mind, body & spirit can begin.

At my Reiki School in the mountains of Cyprus you will learn the Traditional Japanese system of Reiki.

I am now taking bookings for Level 1 courses in Peiya & Polis in January/February 2022 

Traditional Reiki is simple, fun and enjoyable to learn and no previous experience or prerequisites required.

As a Reiki Master & Teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, it always gives me great pleasure seeing the joy in student’s eyes when they feel the energy for the first time and realise that yes, it is very real and they are able to do it!

I am delight to be able to offer all levels of the Traditional Usui Japanese system of Reiki from our Mountain Retreat in Polis in the Pafos District of Cyprus, throughout 2022. and limited dates in Peiya ( please ask for details)

​This course is run by Cali King (MCMA) of One Song Natural Healing Arts.

Okuden (Level 2) and Reiki Master, Level 3 (Shinpiden) dates Coming Soon

We all have the ability already to channel Reiki energy, my courses show you how to uncover your light. Reiki should be shared with the world. 

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