Our Holistic Services

We are energetic beings with bioelectricity, generated by our own cells, running through our bodies. The same bioelectricity runs through all living things.

It is our life energy, in Japanese..,,our Ki.

This Energy should flow freely through our bodies, but when our channels become blocked with stagnant toxins due to trauma or stress, we become open to disease and illness.

The unique Energy freedom services I offer at my private clinics are designed to work together to balance, restore and recharge the energetic system and treat the body as a whole.

Traditional Japanese Reiki


Traditional Reiki for the mind, body & spirit. Clients remain fully clothed and the treatment is either seated or on a massage bed or Japanese floor futon. 

A treatment is around 60 minutes.

For relaxation purposes one session is sufficient, but for ongoing issues we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions. We offer 'Book 3 sessions and pay for only 2'.

Unique Rejuvenating facials


A completely unique and amazing therapy using Zen Shiatsu head and face massage with lymphatic drainage to revive and rejuvenate skin on the face, clear toxins and free energy channels throughout the whole body, leaving clients feeling energised with fresh, glowing skin.

Private Energy Coaching Session


A 2 hour private session to include a consultation and appropriate therapy to energise and clear any negative energy blockages. May include, breathwork, QiGong, Meditation, Grounding, Reiki and Shiatsu. Individual or private group Max 3.

Mobile Services

      E40 - 70 

It may be possible to visit clients at home or at their holiday villa or hotel in the {a[hps region. There is an additional E10 charge.  Please complete an enquiry form or telephone 00357 97904984 to discuss.

Enkaku Reiki


Reiki, Universal Soul energy knows no time or space. Distant healing works equally as good as in person treatments. 45 minutes. Please find a quiet and comfortable place to relax and accept what your body needs.

Contact me for a complimentary session if you would like to experience it for yourself.

Healing of Unwanted habits


A combination of Reiki for the mind, EMDR and EFT tapping techniques to heal unwanted habits such as: insomnia, smoking, procrastination, trauma, anxiety. A minimum of 6 sessions is required. 

What Our Clients Say

head massage

Mandi. S.

A relaxing hour and my skin hasn't felt this good for ages. I loved it.